What is it?
html5 video is also used as an alternative to gifs. Called a gfy, it’s a short, looped, soundless video moment that includes GIF as one of the available formats.

The name stands for “GIF Format Yoker” (pronounced “jiffy”). And the purpose is to bridge the gap between gif and html5 video by providing both– allowing users much faster delivery, and more playback options

Why use it?
It’s faster. Much faster. The compression makes the gif up to 16 times smaller in size. It loads right away. You can pause it, rewind it and slow-mo it.

Do I get any money promoting this?
No. Zip. Nothing. Nada. I’m promoting it because I would like html5 to become more widespread. So let’s drop the archaic, slow loading, crappy gifs and start using gfy!